My Dad Is Dead - The Taller You Are, The Shorter You Get (1989)

We continue our musical journey with tales of frustration, worry, and up-front assholery: The Taller You Are, The Shorter You Get. Discogs calls it punk, Wikipedia calls it post-punk. Which is it really? You decide.


  1. For Lack Of A Better Word
  2. The Big Picture
  3. Seven Years
  4. Too Far Gone
  5. Planes Crashing
  6. Boundaries
  7. Can’t Get Started
  8. The Only One
  9. World On A String
  10. Meep-Meep
  11. What Can I Do
  12. Whirlpool
  13. Nothing Special
  14. A Man Possessed
  15. Sweet Company
  16. So Much To Lose

Total length 1:12:06

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